Zhongue quanfa journal day 2

The second day back, we worked on forms YAY!  
We started with kempo kata, that sifu apparently learned somehow, and then we moved on to I think it was Tiger and Snake form from our style...  I noticed that there is alot of repetitive strikes in the form, that I've never seen before.  Nevertheless, I'm happy that I'm getting into learning this kind of stuff!  After we repeated it over and over again, we practiced two applications as well as variations, many of which ended in a takedown.  I believe that many of the techniques in this hybrid style often end in a takedown or grappling, that could be countered, which the counter could be countered, and the counter of the counter could be coutnered, so on and so forth...  
I've never been good at grappling, probably because I can't use my ki as much when I'm on the ground, and also, It means that you and your opponent are VERY close.  I always feel more comfortable with keeping my distance, so even though I've been grappling for two years, I still don't feel like it's for me.