2012 at a Glance and on to 2013

2012 came and is now on it's way out. This year was a productive year of training for me in both Capoeira and Escrima. Starting in Janurary with our capoeira group changing over with a brand new start, and in February with begining my training in Escrima.

First in Capoeira....through out the year, I do not feel that I've trained as hard in Capoeira as wanted to, but I did as much as I could. I had a few highlights through out the year though, like visiting and trining with a full Angola group for the first time.... and of course, obtaining my yellow corda at our event in Nov. I look forward to what the next year is going to bring and definately look forward to uping my capoeria training.

Escrima has been particulary exciting for me this year, because I've never done anything like it. Because of that, almost every class was a highlight! One of the biggest highlights for me was having a master from the Derobio Escrima lineage (Derobio is the style in which my escrima is based) come by our class and lead the training! I have a couple of classes to make up before the year is out, but I look forward to next year and gaining more knowledge and skill in this art.

Overall, I'm happy with my martial arts training this year, yet I know I need to push harder in the year(s) to come. Bye bye 2012.... 2013, BRING IT ON!!!