Original Name: 
Ninjutsu (忍術) or ninpō (忍法)
Founded By: 
Developed by people from Iga Province and Kōka, Shiga of Japan.
Country of Origin: 

NinjutsuThe art of Ninjutsu involves learning rolls, breakfalls, strikes, locks and strategies. Like most other Japanese martial arts, it also requires students to learn kamae and kata.

The Ninjutsu logo is pictured right. It is the Bujinkan emblem (the largest international Ninjutsu organization - based in Japan).

Within Japan’s regions of Koga and Iga, mountain warriors developed a form of martial arts as a means to survive, which was called Ninjutsu. In the beginning, the clear history of this art was deeply concealed by its founders. However, as time passed by and generations came and went, Ninjutsu emerged as something popular in a lot of schools, sharing the knowledge and the core concept of it to a wider audience. Also known as shinobi-jutsu, this is an assemblage of a numerous techniques that are intended for the gathering of highly confidential information and espionage objectives.

Two of the core elements of maximizing the power of this martial art defense are through tapping mind power and connecting to one’s environment. Meditation plays a huge part in the success of Ninjutsu training, since it is highly related to mind control through the means of proper focus, concentration and breathing as you stay in line with the universe.

More information about style: 

The ninjas, who take the time to meditate always, try to find first a peaceful environment, where they can find solace. They start the meditation during the time, when they are in the light and good mood too, which often happens after a whole day’s work. The meditation is usually done while sitting on the floor without slouching or just by simply sitting on a cushion.


You may find it a bit the same as yoga, for the breathing exercises take place with your hands on your knees as you stay in a sitting position with your legs crossed. You then gradually breathe in and out and feel your lungs being filled with air and then you do this meditation exercise for just about five minutes, with a starting point of three times every week.


It is very important that as you do this, you must have positive and pleasant thoughts. This is believed to help you shift your perspective and let you gain inner power and control over your mind and body, which further serves as a potent source of amazing strength.


When it comes to training, experts say that nothing can beat the extensive level of training that ninjas go through. In fact, the various techniques involved in ninjutsu are composed of a combination of stances, pressure points, rolls, and many more. On the other hand, the main principles of ninjutsu revolve around flow, distance, posture, rhythm and flow.


Students of ninjutsu are taught to position themselves in a manner that they would be able to defend themselves quickly in the fastest response time possible. In every technique and movement that they will apply, they are trained to use their whole body to the fullest so that there is power and strength in every kind of attack delivered.


Compared to martial arts, ninjutsu does not hold competitions or tournaments, since its nature is combative and a bit violent. If you are eager to learn the various styles and techniques of this martial arts form, there are lots of schools now that cater to such or you can freely check out a gamut of videos made available over the net that you can easily follow and learn from.