MCMAP - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

Original Name: 
MCMAP (pronounced mɪkmæp) Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
Founded By: 
US Marine Corps Orders and Directives - MCO 1550.54A: Marine Corps Martial arts Program (MCMAP).
Country of Origin: 

MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) is a newly developed combat system that focuses the United States Marines on three disciplines: physical, mental and character. It incorporates concepts from many martial arts, including (but not limited to) Karate, Judo, BaGuaZhang and Aikido. The purpose of MCMAP is to give individual Marines the skills they need to resolve an unarmed conflict while protecting their own well-being. Many of the techniques are intended to cause enough "massive damage and trauma" to cause an assailant to break off an attack.

More information about style: 

MCMAP, much like Krav Maga, is a system of self defense, rather than a "style" of martial arts. It can be effectively used by anyone, of any age, weight or height.