Original Name: 
Kuntao, Kuntaw, Gongdao (mandarin)
Founded By: 
Chinese community of Southeast Asia
Country of Origin: 

Kuntao is a unique style of martial art, which basically originated from China; however it is also popular in other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. This fighting style mainly involves the techniques for maintaining a perfect coordination of the body parts especially the hands and the limbs. Most of its moves are based on the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat or locking the leg of the person you are fighting with. Gradually with the advent of other mixed techniques, it started incorporating in the prevailing group throughout several terrains.

There are various popular styles of kuntao. Among these Kuntao angin or Silat is one of the most common style of Kuntao. It basically combines several other families of martial art techniques such as Silat Seni Gayong, Tomoi, Wing Chun and Yiquan. Yap Mat is the founder of this art style. It was originated in the year of 1977. Kuntao Silat De Thouars was introduced Willem De Thouars and hence the name. This style is famous in Europe and America. Liu Seong Kuntao is another Kuntao form founded by Willem Reeders. It is a derived form of mixed martial techniques. It mainly deals with the knowledge of using several weapons.

More information about style: 

The training of this art begins with learning the basic and simple moves without the use of any kind of weapons. Generally fighting with different weapons is taught in the later phases of the training program. The practitioners are also taught how to fight using ordinary stuffs like belt or a piece of cloth. The early stage of training includes practicing bare handedly, mostly using hands, limbs, and elbow. This basically involves acquiring knowledge of self defense techniques. Then the advanced learning methods are introduced in the training sessions, which implement the usage of various weapons like spear, parang, knife, tekpi and sticks.


Regular exercises are needed in order to maintain a proper balance between the body and the mind. Kuntao requires the mental stability along with a proper structured body. The main idea behind the winning strategies is to concentrate, while fighting against the opponent. Any kind of tension will result into fatigue, thus consequently physical power and strength can be reduced. It is not enough to just learn the moves, more important aspect to be emphasized upon is how to carry out the different moves in the right manner. This requires knowing the correct alignment or body posture while applying different moves.


Combining the right physical condition and mind stability is the key to success in order to achieve perfect proficiency in the area of martial arts. Skilled professionals suggest staying calm and concentrated while fighting. One should be able to generate great amount of energy within short course of time. A continuous chain of kicks and punches is more effective in slowly diminishing the opponent’s power. While applying any moves, one should keep in mind that, the moves should be sudden with lot of energy embedded within. Many practitioners make a large sound saying “Di” during the attacks. This sound should be produced simultaneously with the attack. This also helps in destabilizing the opponent’s mental stability and making the enemy almost paralyzed for a short while. Thus, by performing Kuntao with proper strength and right manner is the secret of achieving excellence in this field.