Dragon Kung Fu

Original Name: 
Long ying mo kiu 龍形摩橋 - meaning dragon shape rubbing bridges
Founded By: 
Tai Yuk 大玉禪師 Dà Yù Chán Shī (mandarin) Daai Yuk6 Sim Si (Cantonese)
Country of Origin: 

Dragon Kung Fu is one of the Chinese martial arts styles that was learnt and developed, by watching the peculiar movement and their body response. It draws its origin from Dragon, which is a mythological animal according to Chinese mythology. Dragon is considered to depict the two elements i.e. Water and Earth and hence traditionally it is the god of rain and it is also worshipped. Dragon Kung Fu is basically of two types based upon its origin, the Northern China style and the Southern China Style. The History of Dragon Style Kung Fu is not known precisely, as it has been passed over generations verbally rather than in any written format. The most important influence in this style of Chinese Martial art was Hakka Kuen, and it is supposed to be comprising of three forms i.e. Hakka kuen, Taoist and Shaolin forms. All these are different styles of martial arts.

There is always peculiar style or a signature in a fighting style and so does Dragon Kung Fu. It is famous for its impeccable hand work. Hand work comprises of arms blocks, elbow style, grabs, punches and other movements related to them. The movements are very fast and measures to very high power. The cordial movement of this fighting style is magical arms or “mor kiu” as it is known in Chinese. Apart from the hand movements Dragon Kung Fu is also known for certain weapons used. It uses a nine foot staff, which is universally known as the “king dragon’s heart piercing pole”. However, traditionally used weapons such as sword and spear are also used.

More information about style: 

In Dragon Kung Fu style of Chinese martial arts, it is believed that power is completely generated via waist muscles. Apart from other styles of Chinese martial arts that use the upper part of body in fighting style, Dragon Kung Fu synchronizes the power drawn from waist and the technique of hands and shoulders. Due to this reason mainly, it is quiet popular fighting style that is also learnt by women and children since it does not involve dependence on the person’s height or weight. Hence, it finds its popularity among people of all ages.


Body energy, when used effectively in spiral motions is the main concept involved in Dragon Kung Fu. This proper motion leads to flow of continuous energy and gives an effective and flawless self defense technique as feet and hand are in a continuous movement. This kind of style leaves no option on the opponent’s side to react in an effective manner and defend them.


There are also various other style of kung fu such as tiger kung fu, snake kung fu, crane kung fu etc. However, dragon kung fu is the best Chinese martial arts because of its flexibility to learn different styles. Dragon kung fu style of Chinese martial arts requires very hard work in terms of practice done. Basically, the training procedure is divided into 3 categories, basic, intermediate and advanced. At basic level huge amount of hard work and commitment, to learn the style, is required. There are various methods of movement and specific punching and grabbing styles that needs to be learnt and practice during the training period. Overall, a very interesting and excellent method of fighting that also makes a person physically and mentally fit.