Martial Arts Styles - Full List

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African Styles

Tahtib Egypt

European Styles

Boxing Greece
Defendu United Kingdom
English Martial Arts United Kingdom
Irish Stick Fighting Ireland
Krav Maga Israel
Systema Russia

South American Styles

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brazil
Capoeira Brazil

Oceanian Styles

Zen Do Kai Australia

All Martial Arts Styles

A huge database of information and advice on all Martial Arts Styles around the world. As the number of Martial Arts Styles listed on our database continues to grow every day, the aim is to have a complete world database free to access by anyone around the world, combining style specific instructional videos, useful for any Martial Artist, whether a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

Growing number of Martial Arts Styles

As staff travel the world in research of Martial Arts styles, it is of great satisfaction on the rare occasions that new styles are discovered. These are styles which there is no mention of before on the net and have developed through generations of villagers, tribes and ancient beings. These are Martial Arts styles which have previously been kept as safeguarded secrets when the need for protecting land and people from outsiders was essential. As our team travel the globe and record such experiences, we aim to publish all information from these such styles - to the most prevelent, such as Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo etc...

Contribute to our Martial Arts Styles

As this non-profit site continues to develop, we welcome all our members to contribute to our resource section, that includes not only articles, videos and forum posts - but also the full Martial Arts Styles resource section. If you would like to participate and increase your FightSoc member rankings then please contact us.

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