Ninjutsu philosophy

Basic traditional philosophy is founded or grounded in the five elements, earth (Chi)-a solid state, water (sui)- the liquid state, Fire (ka)- energy releasing state or expensive energy, wind (fu)-a gaseous state and finally the void (ku- the element in which all is created) however some Bujinkan Practitioners believe that these elements were words and simple quick meanings like "right hook" is in boxing and nothing more, but mainly it bujinakn students practice and believe there is more to these elements then a simple meaning. This along with the five weakness's and the five Needs make up the basic philosophy of the Bujinkan school's. These basics have been expanded on my Soke Mussaki Hatsumi and have great impacted on students studying ninjutsu in both modern and traditional schools, his writings boggle the mind and yet makes it clearer, and when you fell you finally understand, he sheds some new light, which makes the student re-think his understanding. This is all in attempt to create harmony between students and other humans and the environment, to create harmony within ones own soul (mind, body and spirit as one could say), but also prepare the student to "feel" the world and become a greater person able to achieve inhuman feats and achieve what some would call impossible (i.e. the grading for the 5th Dan black belt- Sakki test). one example of Bujinkan Philosophy is
"Awareness of your inner space defines the outer space, all of these factors go into seeing, understanding and ultimately controlling the space.

once you can control time and space, then you can control your own destiny- this is the ultimate goal of human existence.

this requires an ongoing study of the laws of nature, the laws of the universe and the laws of mankind."

while modern Ninjutsu schools have taken a different approach as seen with Soke Michael Robinson Okami sumika Ninjutsu style, in his own words "Okami Sumika Ninja Philosophy: Let us begin by working to clarify our definition of "Ninja". We breakdown the Nin and Ja down to a simple meaning of One who Preservers, One who is Patient, One who is stealthy. That being said the character of Nin can mean to preserver, patience, and or stealth. Ja meaning person or man. So we can begin to see in this light that anyone who preservers through pain, struggle and challenge can be considered "Ninja". Let’s not get caught up in the name or the stigma of the word but focus on the spirit or archetype as defined previously. That is the spirit of our Ryu, perseverance. Of course we can go further and breakdown the kanji with sword over heart and so forth. "Although my enemy holds his blade menacingly above my heart, I will endure and I will prevail" Not unique to our expression of Ninjutsu but these words are found within our school creed. When it comes to our philosophy of technique we will use any concept, technique and or philosophy that will best allow us to preserve. Sometimes other words or attributes contain within "Nin" such as patience and or stealth are what is used to preserver. So it all ties in together which brings us to another facet of our philosophy. To be in harmony, to be holistic not only in combat but more importantly in nature. We practice an art that addresses the totality of combat from striking to grappling. From weapons to strategy and again it must be said that we will pull from any source to accomplish our goal. To be in harmony with all that is may be ideal vision of the Okami Sumika Ninja for we wish to provide, protect, and progress as a "den" or "pack" if you will. Again being in harmony allows us to be stealthy in the way that we blend with the elements or from another view the harmony we seek can often be obtained by the use of patience. This brief summary only covers a short piece of our personal philosophy." This covers both a modern and ancient style of philosophy both meant to guide their students, i display both in contrast to show that there is some guidance that can be found and taken from all variants of Ninjutsu, as long as the student isn't closed of from the world of learning.

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