Jeet Kune Do 's Historical L.A. Chinatown Class

Here is a photo from my scrapbook I thought I would share.
This is of the old L.A. Chinatown JKD school,with SiGung Lee and Guro Dan Inosanto.
Yes the tall man in the back is Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
In most photos you find or see of this picture,Kareem is cut off because of his height.

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Great photo Sifu. By the way do you have any problem with the sizing of the photo, or it this the size it is supposed to be? Just checking in case the pictures are being auto resized?
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Ashley, Thanks. The picture came out fine I downsized my 8x10 photo and it went through just fine.
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Good, what a legendry photo. Imagine being in that class, amazing!
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Does Bruce Lee's LA Chinatown dojo still exist?