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JerryR's picture

Joined up boss! Anyone here in London?
decker dude's picture

Hello JerryR! No not from the Smoke, been there done that, was in croydon,crystal palace,roundshaw,addington, coulsdon, west croydon for nigh on 30 years-in sussex now-better for my health and peace of mind! Glad to know you!
BenLeeKarate's picture

Hi all hope you are ok Ben any one here from stoke on trent
decker dude's picture

Hya benlee! Not from Stoke, from sussex! Got a mate in Stoke, he's a locksmith, named Matt, not into the MA though, more of a Whisky bloke--TOP MAN i say!!!
Aaronj324's picture

Just wanted to say Hey all I'm New In The forums and The site In general.
decker dude's picture

Hello to you Aaronj324!
martialartistick's picture

Saying Hello from Memphis, Tennessee :-)
decker dude's picture

A big HELLO to memphis!
decker dude's picture

Hya all, decker dude here from Sussex Shotokan Karate Do. A mere beginner now, but passion for this art fills my veins!
andym's picture

Hello every body.
decker dude's picture

Hya andym, happy new year to you! Is this the same andym that is on the ifroggy Karate forums!?!
andym's picture

Yes, it is I. the one and the same, and a belated happy new year.
karatemomma's picture

Hi, from North Carolina!
decker dude's picture

Hello Karate Momma, hows you doing!?! I hope you are ok over there and doing what you do best--being a 'momma' AND being a good Karateka!! Hope to hear from you soon on the forum!!
Karate Kitty's picture

What styles of karate do you all do?? How many "shotokanians" in the house??