Ip Man

Run time (mins): 
106 mins
A biography of Ip Man a local Wing Chun master, set in the 1930s in Foshan, China during the Japanese invasion


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Definitely a movie worth watching and up there with the best of the martial arts movies. It won the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film in 2009. Donnie Yen is a personal favorite martial arts actor of mine and plays an incredible role is Ip Man. Also love the ambient music in Ip Man which really adds to the visuals. It's a semi-biography movie, but also a great Kung Fu action, based on a true story that shows us the real life of Ip Man and a movie that makes your perceptions of the world around change.
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is the narrator of this trailer Peter Cullen(who is Optimus Primus ?).
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This is yip man 2 btw.
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very exciting movie.
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A great movie about a great man. While I am usually not a fan of overly fictionalizing someone's life (EX: the fight scene with 10 karate practitioners never happened), I am willing to forgive it in cases like this where the film making is so damn good! Plus it's exciting to see a movie about the man whose lineage my school is a part of...not to mention the man who taught Bruce Lee.