Drunken Master

Run time (mins): 
111 mins
Jackie Chan plays a bad behaved careless young man looking for trouble. However his Kung Fu skills are not what he really thinks they are, and after getting into trouble his father sends him to a master of the unique style of Drunken Kung Fu.


Flyingsod's picture

This movie has above average editing for films of this type and era. It's a smooth watch, not clumsy and disjointed as is normal for flicks from this category. Another one with a great cast it is easy to empathize with the characters. The MA is also above average and looks like less of a ballet than is normal for an old Kung FU flick. Watch it for sure.
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Epic, a classic, and the best of it's time. Not only is the choreography and directing of the fight scenes in Drunken Master brilliant, it will guarantee to make you laugh - a lot. The hammer scene with the crooked gambler is fantastic. Really enjoyed Linda Lin's role in this movie too, amazing fight scenes with her. If I had one negative about the movie, a little too much screaming/moaning from the dubbed actor of Jackie Chan's voice.
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The best of it's time? No, I disagree. The film is credited as being the first of the kung fu comedy genre (but that title goes to Lau Kar Leung's "Spiritual Boxer" made in 1975 but unavailable on vhs and dvd until recent years). When you think in 1978 you had 5 Venoms, Invincible Shaolin, Shaolin Mantis, Warriors Two and 36 Chamber Of Shaolin amongst others I wouldn't say DM was the best of it's time. I assume you don't mean the best film from the 1970's? IMO of course.