13 Assassins

Run time (mins): 
141 mins
A group of assassins decide to unite on a mission to kill an evil Lord.


Chaleira's picture

Great movie! I saw it for the first time the other day after receiving it from my brother as a Christmas gift! In the beginning it may seem a bit slow to the point... but as the plot thickens you'll begin to get it and once the movie gets to the core and picks up speed you will realize that you picked an awesome movie to watch ;)
Flyingsod's picture

Well, it's a re telling of Seven Samurai. There are some plot differences but the parallels can't be ignored by anyone. That doesn't automatically make it bad though. In my opinion this movie is well done all around. Come to terms early on that you are basically watching a remake and you can enjoy this film well enough. I don't give it a ten because I didn't notice it adding anything substantial to the original story. Acting cinematography directing scripting and effects are all well done.