History of Tahtib

Tahtib is arguably one of the oldest surviving martial arts in the world. The first roots of the history of Tahtib are reported to have been laid around the approximate year of 2000 B.C. There are various schools of thought that the Greek Pancrationists hold the oldest martial arts, but others postulate that Greek culture developed later and hence there was a degree of learning from and influence by the much senior Egyptian civilisation. There is a quote that ‘Plato turned to the Egyptians to learn about Atlantis’. Therefore when we talk about the most ancient Martial Art, we start to think of Africa and in particular Egypt. The oldest style that comes from the ancient land of Egypt is the Tahtib, which is around four to five thousand years old. Pancration is reported to have only started circa 680 B.C.

Tahtib HistoryA famous Egyptologist called Sir Alan Henderson Gardiner historically reported back hieroglyphs (images) of martial arts activity with long sticks. These were found on famous walls such as the temple of Rameses the III, Medinet Habu, and the tomb of Khereuf at Luxor. Egyptians later verify that these images are indeed Tahtib. There are a combination of dance movements and types of fighting poses.


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