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Thread: Astutia Martial Art

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    Hmmm, this has been blanket posted on quite a number of forums .... spam perhaps!

    Instead of posting such a shameless plug about this "system" why not start a discussion by explaining why you think it is so fantastic.

    What about the art has captured you interest???

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    Default Astutia

    I came across a few of these martial arts forums where I found threads about Astutia, and I am stunned how you people are so quick to judge something unknown to you, trusting only to your "devastating" fighting style. I couldn't resist so I registered to this forum just to point out how wrong are you.

    I learned about Astutia in 2009 from my close friend who personally knows the Astutia Grand Master. He informed me about a seminar that should be held that summer in Rome, Italy.

    I attended the seminar with my students, and soon I realized it was an international seminar with people coming from Italy, France, Serbia, England, Spain and Germany. It was really a lifetime experience, and I can tell you for sure that Astutia is almost a completely different thing than shown in the trailer, which is obviously a demo. It is a very complex martial art and it is impossible to capture its principles with a camera. You cannot comprehend it only by watching the pictures and videos, you just have to feel it on yourself.

    Unlike the Oriental martial arts, there is nothing mystical about Astutia. It is built completely upon the foundations of historical European martial arts which were modified so that they can provide answers for modern day situations and problems. And yes, the Grand Master used medieval European fighting manuals (Fechtbuch), and because he is an archaeologist, he also extensively studied ancient reliefs, weapons, war equipment and strategies. He created and added new principles, pieces of his own ingenuity, and named the reborn European martial art Astutia.

    Speaking of the Grand Master, I have nothing but my deepest respect for him. He is a man of great heart, humble and with ordinary appearance. He is always smiling and willing to help, discouraging aggression and instead encouraging intelligent exploring and playfulness. It was a great honor meeting him.

    I study martial arts for over 30 years now. I'm a German army senior lieutenant (Oberleutnant) and a military close combat instructor. I am also instructor of Historical European Martial Arts, and that's why I quickly got interested in Astutia (where I'm only a student).

    Before judging Astutia, you have to make a clear difference between martial arts. There are competitive martial arts which people practice to get medals and awards, as in any other sport. On the other side, there are survival martial arts, where a person is taught not how to win, but how to save his own life by any means. You also have to know that a human being is not so tough, sturdy and resistant as depicted in movies, but is rather delicate, and a slightest injury can sometimes lead to fatal outcome. For example, I was shot in one occasion, and my kevlar saved my life, but I ended up impaired with two broken ribs that caused me terrible pain. No, I could not continue to fight, I was unable to move and had to wait for help.

    Bearing in mind the survival trait of historical European martial arts, which are the sole foundation of Astutia, I therefore define Astutia as a survival martial art. Its principles can successfully be applied in any ancient or modern circumstance and situation, making it a very valuable knowledge.

    The Astutia approach is eye-opening, and one can learn much studying it. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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