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SanZhan Wuji 三戰 五級 “Three Battles Five Levels” form. : Overview of an application

The "God Shakes Sleeves" Technique in motion.
An overview of the signature characteristic motion of the "God Shakes Sleeves" technique from the famed Wu Bei Zhi and the SanZhan Wuji 三戰 五級 “Three Battles Five Levels” form.

“God Shakes Sleeves”  (Zhen Shenhan Tao) is a Characteristic Signature move within our White Crane Gongfu Pai 派 ~ family systems (家 jia). Mentioned within the pages of the Wu Bei Zhi (often known as the "Bubishi") and seen with the opening sequence of the SanZhan Wuji 三戰 五級 “Three Battles Five Levels” form, it is asignature character move of the White Crane Gongfu style.

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The Taijiquan Punch (Techniques From The Tao Chuan)

Sifu Andrew Harris
An article looking at the misconception that Tai Chi Chuan has no closed fist punches.

Over the last ten years or so of teaching Tai Chi Chuan, I have met several students who were surprised to discover that Tai Chi combat happened to involve striking the opponent with a clenched fist from time to time. This belief that Tai Chi self defence consists of open handed techniques is quite common I have found. Once a youngish student decided to quit a course of instruction due to my inclusion of punching as a method of practical self defence.

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To Push or Not to Push - What Is Pushing Hands?

This article looks at Tai Chi Chuan's Pushing Hands, or otherwise known as Tui Shou. Please comment and review this article at the bottom of the page.

To Push or Not to Push - What is Pushing Hands?

“Pushing Hands” is a translation of the Chinese word 'Tui Shou', which is the Chinese name for a set of partner drills connected to Tai Chi Chuan.

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One Inch Punch

You've heard of the one inch punch right? This move was made popular by the Kung Fu master and Jeet Kune Do founder: Bruce Lee. It can be described as being a punch powerful enough to incapacitate which only requires a distance of one inch to perform. The one inch punch is present in many Southern Martial Arts styles but it is commonly believed it that it is derived from the relatively modern style of Wing Chun.

The one inch punch is a unique technique of Chinese Kung Fu of generating power. The technique is famous thanks to Bruce Lee. Most Martial Artists can recall watching video footage of the master himself at the Long Beach International Karate Chapionships on August 2nd, 1964. Demonstrating this technique on a Karate expert, Bruce was able to prove the amount of power and effectiveness behind this simple move.

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