Book Review

Just received a book in the post which was sent for me to read and possibly review. It is called The Hidden Metal of Tai Chi Chuan by Peter Frohlick. It takes hand form positions and apply's the techniques with a sword. I will talk about it more when I have read it and give an exclusive review for Inter Martial Arts.

The Story of WADO RYU karate...

The "Wado" story officially began in May 1934 when Hironori Ohtsuka registered his own style of Karate, which he called "Wado Ryu" and was recognized as an independent style. However, its origins were developed by Ohtsuka's continuous study of all martial arts, formulating the "Wado" techniques by combining his own innovations and natural movements found in the other martial arts.


In case anyone hasent noticed, everything has a reason. Weather its a good reason or a bad reason. Karate has the great reason of peace and defence. Everyone should have the oppourtuinty to live a life without depression and aggrivation. Which is why I personlly think that anybody should have to learn martial arts before leaving school. But has to swear and sign that karate and other martial arts is not for aggrivating eachother.


Night after night, I think about tradition in every fighting style. Many people somtimes forget the main purpuse in of martiel arts being created (making peace with your enime). Which is why I am posting this blog to remind people out there that fighting isan 'nt all bad.

Also, you must remember basic laws. Such as only use your technuiqes as self defense. All and more laws should all be wrten in your kumite licence. So please take time to think about these things.

Kitchen Leeds

Hi this is my first blog post. Nice site this is.

It was a reflex... honest!!!!

So me and a friend were walking along talking and laughing after a pretty lame day. We had walked quite a distance, when out of the blue I saw my friend's hand raised up and coming down to strike me; before I knew it, my hand had blocked with an age-uke(Rising block) and grab with that same hand like I was taught and then performed a Nukite(Spear hand) to his ribs.

How Much Does it COST!

To join all you have to do is show up when we are open which is Mondays and Thursdays 5pm to 7:30pm, for all students age 8 to 108, we charge a 25 dollar registration fee which also covers your uniform and student hand book. You may join at any time of the month and it will be prorated (minimum of 10 dollars) Four Dragons has a monthly fee of 40 dollars which is always due on the 1st of the month.

Entering a new Era...

The last few days, I've been rushed off of my feet. On Friday I was at work for twelve hours. On saturday, I moved house. On Sunday and Monday, I worked 14 hours a day - but now that things are starting to get back to normal, I'm hoping to move into the new Era that I have been planning for some time.

Dojo Sweet Dojo

As a person with a not so peaceful past, I have felt the negative effects of this world, but thankfully I have always been able to go to someone, whether my mother, aunt, sister, friends, teachers etc. There has also always been someplace I could go and feel safe, like a home. The dojo for many is that place, "a sanctum where no evil can reach and where protection is felt from every corner", it is a refuge for many, and can fill the emptiness that a broken home can not. The discipline, the community and the philosophy that go along with it can be equal to a household and the effects similar.


Wish me luck! I'm testing for 6th gup in about an hour!

Tough training

Seriously intense training session tonight.

3 hours solid, starting with 30 mins hardcore warm up.

Rest day tomorrow!

Happy New Year

Gung Hei Fat Choy

Au, UK

I'm living in Australia now, born in UK by the way.


Hi everyone, liking the site

Introducing myself

I am just introducing myself, I am a Goju Karate teacher

Class tonight

Freezing weather here, but not stopping me going to training tonight.

Hope to see the other guys there?!

Looking forward

Can't wait for summer of this year, got my next grading which i've been training 2 years for.

Hi people

I like


hi everyone i am new here on but i'd like to introduce myself!


hi everyone loving

This year is a real quest for me, 2010 is the year I get to the level of 4th dan in aikido. Hopefully will be being examined in early 2011.

new to martial arts

hi everyone! I am new to martial arts and want to learn at least one type. At the moment I still have not figured out which one to choose and learn. If you can give me some suggestions please contact me.

Andy the biggest martial arts fun

Hi ! My name is Andy. I am 24 year old.
I take Judo and enjoy it. I am also interested in Taichi, but know a little about it.

My goals is to be a blackbelt in Judo. I found Judo is a great way of develop confidence. I hope can help me and I can meet some friends here. I would like to share my training tips with everyone.

My master

Wouldn't have believed it, at the regionals today, my master's talking to me, i haven't spoken to him in like a year, and he wants me to go to Japan with him!