The Tai Chi classics say:
Suspend the crown of the head
Sink the chest and raise the back
Loosen the waist

The importance of mastering the basics

I practice Kenpo, and in Kenpo there are a lot of technical moves and long combination attacks. Some are very flashy, others bare-bones practical. All moves, however, require clear knowledge of the basics. M. Parker referred to these as the A,B,C's of Kenpo, and they absolutely cannot be underestimated in their importance.

The Big Boss, 40 Years Anniversary

Today is the big day, the day of The Big Boss! 40 years ago Bruce Lee presented one of his few greatest martial arts movies THE BIG BOSS aka FISTS OF FURY, the Bruce Lee debut martial arts movie. Already popular in Asia for his role on the television series THE GREEN HORNET, Lee exploded on the scene with this violent Lo Wei film and set the framework for his image as the world’s first and most popular martial arts movie star.

Ice man

The Ice man is Bungie Jumping 51 stories for charity.


AAron You can still train with sword send me the vids. Anyone with an interest in Learning Ancient weapons can contact AGWILLIAMS thru me.

Intercepting Fist

H2H is speed timing and accuracy your thoughts

Heavy Metal and Kung Fu - Believe in your dreams ... and work bloody hard for it!

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Do you have to be 1/8th Samurai to improve your Wing Tsun Kung Fu?

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The Tan-Sau of death and other secret techniques of Wing Tsun Kung Fu - part 1 of 2 or The 10-hour Chi-Sau marathon, thoughts on a Wing Tsun training method

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How much fitness and prior martial arts skills are needed to learn Wing Tsun Kung Fu?

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To Kung Fu or not Kung Fu! - Should I train with injuries?

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Kung Fu fighting with Vancouver's Helen Stortini from the - Roadshow stop:

The air in the narrow studio was sticky from sweat and laboured breathing. Slightly worn from an intense round of sparring, sixteen men lined up before me awaiting instruction. They ranged in ability from beginner to 2nd grade instructors, but even the newest of the beginners was more experienced than me. (Since I don’t think six months of watching Bruce Lee films with my post-college boyfriend counts as Kung Fu training.) And there was no way to fool them otherwise — I had already made a rookie mistake of greeting them with a hand gesture that implied I wanted to fight, not say hello.

Back to Basics? We never left! Facebook note with the title "Back to Basics? We never left!"

Martial arts training concepts beyond tradition and technique my facebook note about martial arts training concepts beyond tradition and technique

check out my article

those who use qigong energy should read my new article under fitness nutrition.



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Different types of MMA...

I am trying to find out different things...
1.)What type of MMA is best for Mind, Body and Soul?
2.)What is the Best type of MMA that brings forth Chii?

a plesent day

today i felt releived becuuase i have a place ready for my wooden dumby but the dummy is not finished i still need sand paper and stain and seal.i found out i will start practicing in a dojo that is in a chinees garden in a gizzet

Ju Jutsu club "Panther" from Serbia

JiuJitsu club "PANTHER" is founded since 1998. by sensei Milan Vujasin V day JiuJitsu, I day Judo . Trough the club history since foundation many generations has passed, many hundreds fighters . Some of them were very successfully and with their hard work gain many domestic and international medals. In club sport-competitive Jiu Jitsu is the most present craft, where our club with his competitors are among first in Serbia. Judo and brasilian jiu jitsu are also pesent.


Hello. This is my first blog and if your reading it I appreciate the time. It won't be long but I will have some of my points put in that I will go over in more detail later.


last week i ran the boston marathon in bagram afghanistan let me tell u it was an experience we started at 3am to the sound of a controlled detenation(COOL) some how my friend and i started off in the front of the marathon (some one must have thought we pros) to our surprise it was around 45-50 degrees for the 1st lap my hands were freezing and i could not see were i was running pitch black the 2nd lap i saw the sunrise and became really hungry then i had to use the bathroom (2) that took some time off my run and my knees started hurting finally on the 3rd lap i could see clearly and my ha

Another 4 years of capoeira to come!!!!!

Before this week, I was concerned. You see, my transfer date was coming up. I have been training in capoeira with my group for 3yrs and some months now... and I was looking at the 99.9% possibility that I would be transferring to a different city who knows where.

Well, this week I finally got my transfer orders and learned that I will stay in the Jacksonville area for another 4 years. I'm excited about that, because I don't have to leave my capoeira group now!

The End of "Styles"

Every martial art made is based on how the human body moves using human structure. Even if the style is tiger, crane, praying mantis, or monkey, it is still just a human “style” mimicking animals. The tiger stylist only mimics the tiger but can’t bring down a water buffalo anymore than the crane stylist can dunk his head into a lake and pull out a fish in his mouth.
In nature you see them as the siverbacks protecting his troop, antlered stags protecting unantlered doe’s and young, mother bear protecting young from male bear, stallions protecting against wolves and mountain lions, hippos that have tamed crocodiles to the point where baby hippos can swim freely among them. In humans there is the martial artist