The Oldest Martial Arts style?

Ever wondered what is the oldest martial art? Which style goes back in history the longest? Well, you have come to the right place, this article explains it all.

First, it must be said that martial arts did not originate from one place. Many of the oldest styles originated from completely seperate territories and were founded on their own basis, rather than developing on other existing styles (which many modern martial arts styles actually do, such as American Kenpo Karate, Zen Do Kai or many other martial arts styles.

In answering the question of what is the oldest martial art... the asnwer really depends on how you define a martial art. I think it can be pretty much assumed that hand to hand combat has existed ever since we developed into humans from the great ape family! So to answer this question from a traditional martial arts point of view it us assumed that by 'martial arts style', we mean a recognized form of combat, in which its techniques are unique enough for it to be regarded as an exclusive method of fighting.

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Tahtib is a form of Martial Arts.

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