Most popular Martial Arts videos on YouTube

Most popular Martial Arts videos on YouTube
I have compiled a list of the 10 most popular martial arts videos on YouTube, based on the number of views that they have had (as of 1st January 2011). If you like martial arts and you have not seen these videos yet, you need to.. now! Nearly 80 million views between these 10 videos should be enough to entice you?

The list may be better titled: the good, the bad and the ugly! There are some great martial arts videos in this list, some that you will love, some that you will laugh at, and some that you will yawn at. You may wonder how on earth some of these videos attracted millions of views, but they did, which is the reason why there are here. Enjoy, and please take the time to leave a comment.


#1 with 10,195,895 views! Dynamic Kicking - Pecoraro's Acadamy of Martial Arts

You have to close your ears to the awful music on this video, it's like a clown's sountrack to Kill Bill! Despite that, the instructor shows some fantastic kicks with great balance and flexibillity. There's a funny, but yet very practical kick at 57 seconds into the video too. It's the first martial arts related video on YouTube to get over 10 million views. 



#2 with 9,631,672 views! Kimbo Slice knocked out by Seth Petruzelli

Kimbo Slice / Kevin Ferguson, is a Bahamian-American mixed martial artist, who was names by Rolling Stone as being: "The King of the Web Brawlers". In this video he is finished and embarrassed within seconds by Seth Petruzelli. Forward the video to 4 minutes to see the action. 



#3 with 7,935,248 views! Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques : Front Gun Attack

As well as having the deepest voice you will ever hear in your life, you might learn some tips that will save your life in this video. It is advised not to attempt disarming an armed attacker as outlined in the video but in a situation where there is little choice left... this video is essential. 



#4 with 7,732,901 views! - The best fight scene of all time

This video is both as pathetic as it is funny. It's a clip from a movie called "Undefeatable", which probably should have been named "Unwatchable". The movie as a whole is rated 3.6 out of 10 on the IMDB which justifies my words but depite that rating, the video is worth watching. I've seen diabolical fight scenes before but the fact that it is supposed to be serious choreography is what makes it so funny. Watch this for a laugh. 


#5 with 7,682,804 views! - Taekwondo v Muay Thai

I couldn't see anything special about this video. I don't like to compare traditional martial arts based on poor quality videos with two specimens that nobody knows anything about, but seen as it has nearly 8 million views, it's here. 



#6 with 7,599,338 views! - Martial arts street fight

Amateur choreographed martial arts street fight scene. Not bad for a home made video, and for seriousness, actually a lot better produced than '#6 the best fight scene ever. 


#7 with 7,403,360 views! - Street fight, real martial arts

A home made video showing some excellent martial arts techniques to use in some real life siutations. I would suggest that some of them should not be practiced by people with little experience, it could end up with paralization! See 2.00 into the video. 



#8 with 7,167,706 views! - Martial street art - Capoeira street fighting

I love the style of Capoeia. Generally it is a very underestimated martial art that is dismissed by many as being useful in combat. Some of the techniques of this style are incredible for combat situations but to be honest, this video does not do it justice. How it got so many views when there are so many better Capoeira videos out there, I do not know! 



#9 with 6,639,136 views! - Kimbo Slice vs Serbian - Fight

It's that man again, The King of Web Brawers. Well I guess he would never have earnt that title without appearing twice in the 10 most watched martial arts videos on YouTube. This video does not deserve to be here. One final word... pathetic.



#10 with 6,055,928 views! - Van Damme: Bloodsport Final Fight (1988)

A classic, from Bloodsport. Probably Van Damme's best fight scene, and on those merits definately worth a watch if you have not already seen it. The Chinese man is called 'Bolo'. Ironically to this clip, Bolo would have probably floored Van Damme in a real life situation, being an excellent martial artist training in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, gymanastics and power lifting. He was a close friend of Bruce Lee too.


To be honest, I wish this list was better. Knowing that some of the videos listed here are some of the most popular martial arts videos on the net is a poor display of waht martial arts has to offer. I think this goes to show that there is huge potential to get a lot of views of your own videos if you are willing to put the time and effort into creating something interesting. Hopefully with time, this list will change and it will be modified accordingly. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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Chaleira's picture

Great videos! I think I've seen all of those except for #1 and #7. #7 is extremely good stuff. What style are those self defense techniques based off? Thanks for sharing!
MMAwarrior's picture

Hey it's my good buddy Kimbo. He is a good friend of mine we lived nextdoor to each other before he really got famous. Trained with him hung out with him , never mined all the hype that follows him he is a very good guy & a great father to his kids, for sure a famliy man. Kimbo did not reall nkow what he was geating into with MMA, I myself have told him that its very hard to learn BJJ & ground fighting so late in the game But Kimbo is a tough dude no fear.I have bin at some of his street fights that you see on you yube, So let me clear up a few things about my friend. The guys he has fought on the street were no way near in shape or ready for a fight they were just dudes from the hood takeing part in a back yard fight. as far as the two videos on here #9 is not a real fight it was just training helping Kimbo get ready. for those of you who are not fans of the UFC the other blad guy on the side of the mat is one of my trainer Bas Rutton, brought in to train kimbo. The #2 video Well this fight took place a block from my home, of course i was their to see it. their was a lot of chaos that night at the arena. the punch thrown by Petruzelli was a fluke if you watch the fight closely you can clearly see kimbo's foot slide out from under him , he clearly sliped & fell into a lucky punch. Yes Kimbo was hit & was cut , the ref did a good job i think of stoping the fight. Everyone includeing me told Kimbo not just to rush in & throw & to take his time. As far as his UFC fights well he's just not cut out for it. & started to late IMO Love Ya Kimbo but its true.
Chaleira's picture

Cool! I really respect and like Kimbo. I think he tried to come up to fast being pushed on by hype. But the man had....has....great potential still....
MMAwarrior's picture

Yes to much hype ,he should have took more time to learn about martial arts I still think he should get more into Pro boxing he has the hands for it. he would be a great inside boxer pure puncher.
MMAwarrior's picture

Also i think Kimbo's Will to learn was not all their.I used to train with him at Bas Ruttens gym , he had a lot of problems training with Kimbo , he did not want to waste time learning leg locks & other types of things that Bas felt was importent for MMA & Bas really gave up on him & he no longer trained their. but you get out of it what you put into it.
MMAwarrior's picture
Karate Kitty's picture

Realy good videos. Enjoyed watching them. Picked up a couple of moves I could definitely use. Thanks for the post. Good day.