How to tie a Karate Belt

How to Tie a Karate Belt
It is common for beginners to not know how to tie a Karate belt. Some feel shame in asking, if you are unsure how to tie a Karate belt, please read this article. Knowing how to do so is important and proves to your sensei that you are committed to progressing.

In Japanese, the karate belt is called Obi (pronounced O-Bee). As a practising Martial Artist in Karate, knowing how to tie your Karate belt is essential and should be the first thing you should learn as a beginner. This tutorial gives you step by step instructions, including a video from a sensei. If you are just starting out , or even progressing through the ranks in this Martial Art, it is wise to ensure that you know the correct steps of tying your belt. It is common that even Karate students with experience have made mistakes in tying their belt correctly.

The Karate Belt Tie

There is actually more than one method of tying a karate belt, however some involve the belt crossing at the back, which is not comfortable and not recommended. This lesson teaches you the perfected method of how it should be tied. Firstly, it should be noted that the belt sits above your hip bone, around your waist. This way it will not slide down during training or fighting. This is placed over your Karate suit, called a Gi (pronounced Gee).

Tie a Karate Belt video

Photos: Tying the belt

Tie Karate Belt Step

 Step One

 Firstly, hold the belt in front of you and place a section of the belt on your hip, as in the photo. Then wrap the belt around your body







Tie Karate Belt Step two

 Step two

The belt should be continued to be wrapped around your body until equal lengths are acheived.








Karate Belt Tie Step 3

 Step 3

 Place your right length over the left length and then under and over the belt wrapped around your body.







Tying a karate belt 4

 Step 4

 Fold the belt over and hold the two lengths as in the photo.







How to tie Karate Belt 5

Step 5

 Place the left length over the right.







Tie Karate Belt Step 6

 Step 6

 Now wrap through the centre hole







Tie a Karate Belt

 Step 7

 Then pull the belt as tight as possible.



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