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Ninja Weapons
We do not condone the personal possession or use of the weapons listed in...

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Irish Stick Fighting
Ireland’s geographic position on...
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The traditional Korean style of...
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Fujian white crane is one of the...

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A cultural conflict makes for funny martial arts action.
Yoshi, the younger sister of a well known Geisha finds that she has immense strength and martial arts ability.

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There is no specific origin of martial arts which is what makes the range of styles from around the world so interesting to learn about. Each individual style that exists today is unique. The fact that so many of the styles originate from different parts of the world means that there is now such a fantastic variety of techniques, strategies, philosophies and movements in a huge range of styles. Even those martial arts which are related to a certain extent as they develop into new styles is interesting as new people bring their own ideas to a style in an attempt to tweek them in an aim to improve them. This is subject to some debate by martial artists today, as some believe the classical and traditional styles should be 'left alone' and the teachings of their original founders should always be focused on. Some instructors have tried to 'change' styles with their own influences which many accept, but many do not. Fundamentally, the argument is that all traditional martial arts should be taught and remembered on the foundations they were built on and never changed or altered in any way and that if any practitioner should bring their own alterations, then that person is no longer teaching or practicing the original martial art.

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